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The 2nd Annual IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Practical Robot Applications will be held in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, from November 9-10, 2009. TePRA is aimed at catalyzing the development of enabling technologies and encouraging their adoption by robot designers. With an emphasis on practical applications and industrial participation, TePRA provides researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and robotics professionals a well-balanced platform between an academic conference and an exhibition while maintaining a serious review process.

Conference Highlights


Plenary Speaker Bios


Plenary Talks by:

Kevin Blankespoor, Boston Dynamics
Steve Roux, ASML
Charles Remsberg, Hocoma

Panel Discussion on Advances in Military Robots:

Session Chair: Helen Greiner, The Droid Works
Col. Barry L. Shoop, United States Military Academy
Ben Riley, Rapid Reaction Technology Office
Jim Overholt, Acting Director of Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise

Technical Program:

The conference theme this year is new technologies in robotics and automation and their practical applications. The conference tracks are:

Robot Applications:             Robot Technologies:
  • Medical and Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Military and Security Robotics
  • Actuation and Manipulation
  • Consumer Robotics
  • Computation
  • Power, Communication and Other Technologies
  • Navigation
  • Sensing


Technical Program for 2009 TePRA.

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Organizing Committee

Conference Chair

Helen Greiner Founder and CEO, The Droid Works, Inc.
Co-Founder, iRobot

Technical Program Chairs

Michael A. GennertWorcester Polytechnic Institute
William R. MichalsonWorcester Polytechnic Institute

Conference Secretary

John ConradTextron Defense Systems

Publications Chair

Karen PanettaTufts University

Publicity Chair

Peter MeyerPhilips

Technical Program Coordinator

Taskin PadirWorcester Polytechnic Institute

Tutorials Chair

Ted KochanskiUniversity of New Hampshire

Exhibits Chair

Sorin FaibishEMC

Demonstrations Chair

Ryan PettigrewIEEE RAS Boston Chapter

Student Liaison Chair

William AgassounonTextron Defense Systems

Sponsorships Chair

Nithyanandam MathiyazhaganManagement Consultant

Local Arrangements Chair

Bob AlongiIEEE Boston Section


Technical Program Committee

William Agassounon Textron Defense Systems
Kevin Blankespoor Boston Dynamics
Martin Buehler iRobot
Julian Center Autonomous Explorations, Inc.
Jeanne Dietsch Mobile Robots, Inc.
Sorin Faibish EMC
Gregory Fischer Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Chris Jones iRobot
Ted Kochanski University of New Hampshire
John Masciola Caliper Life Sciences
Peter Meyer Philips
Taskin Padir Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Karen Panetta Tufts University
Ryan Pettigrew IEEE RAS Boston Chapter
Jean-Pierre Rasaiah Applied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
Gretar Tryggvason Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Peter Wells Foster-Miller
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